Billboard Women in Music

Billboard Women in Music is an honorary award show by music magazine "Billboard", honoring all women for their contribution in the music industry.


  • Demi Lovato was honored for the award of "Rulebreaker" at the award show on December 11, 2015. She also performed the song Stone Cold at the award show.


It’s not intentional and that’s what’s awesome – people see it

—Demi when receiving her reward

I’m not a public speaker by any means, I’m a singer, and so this might be a little awkward

—Demi at the award show

Because for the first time in my life and my career, I’ve grown to know who I am as a person and as an artist

—Demi being honored for "Rulebreaker"


Demi Lovato - "Stone Cold" Live at Billboard Women in Music03:40

Demi Lovato - "Stone Cold" Live at Billboard Women in Music

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