Danielle Curtin
Movie/TV Role
Role Information
Appears On: Prison Break
Role Status: Minor
Created By: Paul Scheuring
Character Background
Age: Teen
Family & Friends
  • Jerry Curtin (Father)
Relevant Pages

Danielle Curtin is a minor role which Demi Lovato portrayed in 2006 on the TV series Prison Break. She appeared in episode "First Down".


When Jerry Curtin (Danielle's dad) was talking to Clyde May, T-Bag saw her when he first got in the car. T-Bag then had a conversation with Danielle about pretty handsome ladies. However, T-Bag touched her and she did run away. T-Bag then said that he did understand it wrong. Jerry was taking a flat-iron, but his attack wasn't shown. When T-Bag left, he appeared in Jerry's clothes and Danielle screamed it out when he did ride away.

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