Demi's tattoos are:

  1. “You make me beautiful” on her side
  2. A feather behind her ear
  3. “Stay Strong” with a heart on her wrists
  4. Lips on her left wrist (covered)
  5. A cross on her hand
  6. Feathers on her side
  7. “Peace” on her finger
  8. “Rock N Roll” on her finger
  9. “Faith” on her arm
  10. “Let Go & Let God” on her feet
  11. a flock of black birds on her arm
  12. “Now I’m A Warrior” on her shoulder blade
  13. African map on her fore arm
  14. Number 3 in Roman numerals on her side wrist.
  15. A rose on her left (covering her lips tattoo)

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