Frequency 10 / year
Company Meredith Corporation

United States




Fitness is a United States-based women's magazine, focusing on health, exercise, and nutrition. It is owned and published by the Meredith Corporation and is published ten times per year. The editor-in-chief of Fitness is Betty Wong.

Demi Lovato appeared on the cover for the January 2015 issue of Fitness


"Demi Lovato isn't afraid to embrace her imperfections: "I'm just gonna point this out because it's so obvious we might as well talk about it," she says laughing, motioning to the red zit on her face. "I know I should've left it alone, but I just kept picking at it and picking at it." This unfiltered openness is exactly what has endeared Demi to millions of loyal fans.

At 22, the Disney actress turned pop star has been through more than most people twice her age. Years of battling bulimia, self-harm, and addiction forced Demi to check into rehab, where she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2011. "I had two choices: I could pretend it never happened, or I could tell people the truth," she says. "I was tired of hiding and relieved to know what was wrong with me so I could finally do something to get better," she explains.

Committing to a healthy lifestyle was key to her recovery. She overhauled her diet, took up exercise, and embraced her curves. The changes are paying off, and DEMI is at the peak of her career—she's on a world tour; "Really Don't Care" was certified platinum; she is the new face of the Skechers campaign; she's the global brand ambassador for N.Y.C. New York Color; and she has her own skincare line, Devonne by Demi, and a line of hair extensions called Secret Color. Her confidence has also hit an all-time high. "I realized I'd rather be strong and happy than be what society thinks is thin and perfect and be miserable," she says.

By talking about her own struggles, Demi hopes to inspire others. Some of the proceeds from Devonne by Demi go to the Lovato Treatment Scholarship Program, which covers expenses for women struggling with mental-health and addiction issues. She frequently pauses midconcert to share personal stories and inspirational videos that encourage fans not to feel limited by their perceived flaws—a sentiment she holds close to her heart. "I know my past will always be a part of me, but I don't want it to define me," Demi says. "Right now I'm excited to live in the present and looking forward to the future."" [1]



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