Hayley May
Movie/TV Role
Role Information
Appears On: Grey's Anatomy
Role Status: Minor
Created By: Shonda Rhimes
Character Background
Age: Teen
Family & Friends
  • Ken May (Father)
  • Mary May (Mother)
Relevant Pages

Hayley May is a minor character portrayed by Demi Lovato on Grey's Anatomy. She appeared in the episode "Shiny Happy People".


Shiny Happy People

Dr. Alex Karev comes across a teenage girl named Haley May who tried to claw her eyes out, and was muttering, "I'm not crazy". Her parents said they were having her committed. She grabbed a syringe and threatened to stab herself in the heart with it. Alex convinced her she should put it down and let him run some tests on her to find out what was wrong. He asked someone to page Dr. Derek Shepherd. Haley's parents told Alex their daughter was schizophrenic but Derek said it was possible something was missed in the diagnosis.

Derek, Alex and Dr. Arizona Robbins checked Haley's X-rays but they showed nothing. Alex didn't want to believe there was nothing else wrong with her and Derek gave him four hours to figure out another diagnosis. Alex ran a test on Haley, based on a tip from Lexie on a medical journal article she'd read, and it seemed to work. Derek and Alex told Haley's parents about the diagnosis. Their daughter had a small hole in her inner ear, which made her extra sensitive to sound and she wasn't schizophrenic. Haley awoke from her inner-ear surgery and said, "I'm good". She repeated it a few times just so we knew for sure.

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