Jim Beanz
Jim beanz
Songwriter or/and Producer
Biographical Information
Birth Name: James David Washington
Date of Birth: August 26
Years active: 2004-present
Genres: R&B, hip hop
Other Occupations: Songwriter, record producer
Songs For Demi
Most Notable:
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Jim Beanz is an American vocal producer, songwriter, musician, singer and record producer from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, now working out of Philadelphia, signed to Timbaland Productions and Sunset Entertainment Group. He got his start working under the tutelage of Jazz from the hit R&B group, Dru Hill, when he was an artist in the R&B group "Tresan". In 2005, Beanz started working alongside Timbaland as a vocal producer and more recently, as a song producer. He is also the winner of Eurovision Song Contest 2008 as he co-wrote "Believe" by Dima Bilan. Jim Beanz also wrote and produced 95% of the songs on the first season of the mega hit television series on FOX called Empire, and portrayed the rapper "Titan" on the show.

Relation with Demi

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