Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream
Jonas Brothers- Living the Dream
Television Show
Created by: Jonas Brothers
Presented by: Alan Sacks
Erin Shockey
Country of origin: United States
Running time: Approx. 6 minutes
Location(s): United States
Original channel: Disney Channel
Original run: May 16, 2008 – May 31, 2010
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Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream is a reality television series that follows the life of the band Jonas Brothers, as their life of rockstars. It shows the personal life of the brothers and their life on tours. The series' first season premiered on May 16, 2008. In March 2010, the show returned with a new season. The second season ended on May 31, 2010.


Demi Lovato appeared in two episodes of the show which were "Hello Hollywood" (Season 1, Episode 7) and "Health Kick" (Season 1, Episode 8).

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