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Latina is an American monthly lifestyle, entertainment, beauty and fashion magazine for bilingual, bicultural Hispanic women published in English by Latina Media Ventures. It has a combined audience of nearly 3 million. Demi Lovato appeared as a cover star for the December/January 2011, December/January 2013 and June/July 2016 issues of Latina magazine.




The 19-year-old singer and actress opened up to us about her emotional yearlong journey back from “rock bottom.” Telling us she is now “happy, healthy and driven,” she dishes on her devotion to being a role model, the strength her family provides and her dreams of winning a Grammy.

On rehab: “I thought I was going to lose everything when I checked myself into treatment. I didn’t know if I would have a career at all when I came home. So it really hit me – I hadn’t been grateful. In that sense, I can honestly say I’m glad I hit rock bottom when I did. Most people don’t have those moments. I see a lot of young people in this industry who feel entitled because they haven’t hit rock bottom yet. I feel blessed when I get an opportunity now.”

On airing out her problems: “It wasn’t my idea, to be 100 percent honest. It was influenced by management, publicists and family. But they were all bringing up a good point: What teens need most is someone that they can relate to – someone they connect with on serious subjects like eating disorders, cutting, bipolar disorder, depression and bullying. I’ve been there. I get it. Why wouldn’t I be honest about it so I could help someone else?”

On being estranged from her father: “Sometimes there are people in your life that you have to cut out. It sucks when it’s your own father. But I know what’s best for me. At a young age, I had to learn that. I have an old soul, because I had to grow up fast – because of the public eye and because of my life experiences.”

On staying healthy: “I continue to have moments. I still think sometimes that I’m not strong enough and I need extra help. I can’t tell you how many people I have working with me in recovery. It’s good. It’s positive. [But] it’s a daily battle. Things can still get me down sometimes. But nothing keeps me down.”

On being Latina: “Latina culture means warm family gatherings, special stories and a bond that I love to experience. I feel so much love and comfort when I’m with [the Latino] side of my family. It makes me proud of my culture and my ethnicity.”

On her big career dreams: “In 2012, I really want to be at the Grammys. And I don’t want to go unless I’m nominated, presenting or performing. It’s my lifetime goal to be able to say I’m nominated. So I really want to make that happen.



Behind The Scenes with Demi Lovato Latina Magazine Cover Sh02:05

Behind The Scenes with Demi Lovato Latina Magazine Cover Sh



At the tender age of 21, Lovato is in her second season as a judge on Fox’s hit reality competition show The X Factor. After the death of her father earlier this year, she partnered with treatment center CAST Recovery to help others overcome mental illness and addiction issues, as Demi herself has. “I noticed that there’s this perception, on turning 21, that you have to go out and get drunk,” she says about her recent birthday. “It’s different for me because I’m in recovery. I also want to set an example for others. You don’t have to booze it up you can do something else.”




"Demi Lovato has bravely taken on her demons and opened her heart for the world to see. Now, just 23, powered by her not-of this-earth singing ability, she is poised to soar once and for all." (Read Full Interview Here)



Demi Lovato Behind the Scenes At Her Latina Cover Shoot01:59

Demi Lovato Behind the Scenes At Her Latina Cover Shoot

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