Max Martin
Songwriter or/and Producer
Biographical Information
Birth Name: Karl Martin Sandberg
Date of Birth: February 26, 1971
Years active: 1985–present
Genres: Pop, dance-pop, pop rock, electropop, R&B, Europop
Other Occupations: Songwriter, producer, singer
Songs For Demi
Most Notable:
Relevant Pages

Martin Sandberg, professionally known as Max Martin, is a Swedish music producer and songwriter. As of February 2015 Martin has had a total of 54 songs reach the top ten charts placing him above Madonna's 38, Elvis Presley's 36 and the Beatles' 34. In 2014 Martin broke ahead of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and Dr. Luke to take the second place position behind only George Martin on the list of most number one hits for a producer (with 17 to George Martin's 23). In early 2013 his single sales were tallied by The Hollywood Reporter to be at over 135 million.

Relation with Demi

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