Safehouse Records is a record label established by American singers Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato, as well as Lovato's manager Phil McIntyre in partner with Jonas's record label Island Records and Lovato's record label Hollywood Records.


In May 2015, Billboard revealed Lovato was in the process of starting an "artist-centric" new record label, Safehouse Records, of which she will be co-owner. The label will be a partnership between her, Nick Jonas, and Lovato's manager Phil McIntyre, and will form part of a new collaborative arrangement between UMG record labels Island Records (Jonas's Label) and Lovato's own long-term label Hollywood. It has been confirmed that Lovato's upcoming fifth studio album will be released through the new venture deal. This will be Lovato's second multi-label venture of her career; she was formerly part of Jonas Records, a UMG/Hollywood/Jonas Brothers partnership, which is now defunct. [1] In December 2015, Lovato and Jonas landed a global publishing deal with Universal Music Publishing Group.


Safehouse’s main priority is to put artists in control of their art while providing them the best tools to manage their careers

Our focus at Safehouse Records is to put artists in control of their art while providing them the best tools to manage their careers. Through our partnership with Island Records they will also have access to the best marketing and promotion available



Singles Released

Albums Released


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