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  • I live in Buenos Aires
  • I was born on June 18
  • My occupation is Student -Future Star-
  • I am Male
  • BitchTookMyPillow

    So this is the song list with it's singers, I'll add parts of the script and plot summary later. I'll name my nameless leads John and Jane for now. Everyone else is TBA cause lazy af. and TBA also stands for songs not decided yet

    Two Worlds Collide Orchestral Instrumental

    TBA - John

    Party - TBA with Ensemble *really cool dance number by a lot of people*

    Heart Attack - John and Jane *piano acoustic version*

    Party (Reprise)/All Night Long/Until You're Mine - TBA, TBA, TBA and John with Ensemble *boy looks for girl amidst the reprise of the really cool dance number by a lot of people*


    Something That We're Not - Jane *another cool dance number by people at the bar the female lead works at*

    Don't Forget - John *attempt of* *different lyrics wrong chords,…

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